Watch your baby for these signs of Developmental Problems

Typical Development


Developmental Problems

  • pushes up on arms
  • holds head up
  • looks at eyes and face of person talking
  • babbles and coos when talked to

By Three Months

  • stiff legs
  • pushes back with head
  • constantly fisted hand and stiff leg on one side
  • does not visually recognize parent
  • no social smile in response to stimulation
  • sits with support
  • reaches directly for objects with both hands
  • holds head up
  • distinguishes strangers from family and friends
  • smiles and vocalizes to a mirror image
  • mouths toys

By Six Months

  • moves one side of the body less than the other side
  • does not look at objects while handling them
  • difficult to bend hips to sit
  • does not look for dropped toys
  • easily transfers objects from hand to hand
  • sits without support
  • arms free to grasp and reach
  • responds to simple requests with gestures
  • begins combining syllables (ba, ba, ba)
  • eats mashed table food

By Eight Months

  • uses one hand better than the other
  • cannot sit without support
  • unable to stand with support
  • does not vocalize single syllables
  • does not use upper lip to clean spoon when feeding
  • pulls to stand
  • responds to simple verbal instructions
  • bites through a soft cookie, drinks from a cup
  • uses "mama" and "dada" appropriately
  • babbles with inflection as if making sentences

By Twelve Months

  • unable to move from one place to another by creeping
  • cannot pick up small objects
  • constantly stands on tiptoes
  • cannot use one to three words appropriately
  • unable to bring hands together to clap or bang toys
  • does not eat coarsely chopped table food
  • uses fingers to help turn pages of a book
  • independent walking or standing
  • uses jargon, points and vocalizes to indicate wants

By Fifteen Months

  • uses only the right or left hand to play with toys
  • unable to take steps alone
  • difficulty releasing objects
  • does not imitate specific sounds upon request
Source:  East Tennessee Chrildren's Hospital