This page/sheet specifies the mission of CPParent and the rules for participation on the CPParent Email List, which is located at Syracuse University ().

These policies are based on good netiquette practices, policies to promote a supportive "Family" atmosphere and to maximize to the extent possible participation for the now almost 400 subscribers of CPParent.

CPParent Mission

The "Primary Mission" of the CPParent Listserv is to provide information and support for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy.

The "Secondary Mission" is to provide information and support to the caregivers of children with cerebral palsy.

Posting Rules

Respect for all is Paramount

On this list, we all have the right to be respected. As caregivers of children with CP, we are under a tremendous amount of pressure in dealing with domestic, medical, therapeutic, school and social issues (to name the few most prominent). That in addition to the concerns of providing the best care and upbringing for our children that we are capable of.

No one needs to be challenged by others on or off the list. Being told their parental abilities are poor, or that the program they are using is wrong or they are negligent are all forbidden.

What is Appropriate to Post

Appropriate posts to CPParent include seeking and sharing of information pertaining to children with CP, moral support (of which venting is a form), and the sharing of our children's (and ourselves where appropriate) milestones.

In responding, if what you have to say will probably pertain to a number of people at CPParent, then it should be sent to CPParent.

If what you have to say only pertains to one or two people, then it should be sent via Private Email and NOT to the list. This includes personal replies, happy birthdays, congratulations and me too posts (I think they are extremely important and I hope people continue to be that supportive, but have no business being sent to such a busy list).

What is NOT Appropriate to Post:

Do NOT attach files of any type to your mail.
Do NOT send virus warnings! Check with the administrator of any list first.
Do NOT send chain letters to the list!
Do NOT send the personal email of another to the list or any other person without permission.
NO SOLICITATION (described further below)

The purpose of the CPParent list is to share support and information pertaining to our kids with CP. This list is not for the canvassing of any particular religious or political ideals nor is it a forum to debate for or against abortion/euthanasia.


Netiquette, Internet etiquette, is mainly watching your manners while participating with the list. This includes keeping to topic, reducing quoting and keeping signatures lines to a reasonable length.

St. Johns requires all listowners to enforce a policy of limited quoting and signature lines (typically no more than four lines) or risk sanctions being imposed upon their lists.  It is recommended that the "Quote Original Message when Replying" feature of your mail program be turned off.

You should also respect copyrights and not publish the material of others without permission and/or attribution.

Feel free to view "An Email Netiquette Guide" at http://www.cpparent.org/listserv/netiquette_guide.htm

Mailer Configuration

Turn off HTML encoding and send messages in PLAIN TEXT format.  You may only send HTML, "quoted-printable", and mime/base64 encoded messages to people you know can decode it.  Listservs do not handle message decoding.

Do not attach files or forward email to the list.


Personal attacks are not welcome here and are cause for removal.  This includes privately flaming members off-list. If you see an attach, do not answer but please forward it to me.

Avoid Flame wars:
--Avoid sarcastic disparagement of the ideas of another.
--Avoid attacking the person, but point out what ideas you disagree with and why you disagree.
--Own your opinions as *opinions* rather than facts.


CPParent does not permit solicitation. This includes, but is not limited to:
Advertising of commercial products or services.
Soliciting the list for donations and donation drives.
Soliciting the list to support business ventures.


You may email me privately with complaints regarding the administration of this list or if you are having problems with other members. Do not utilize the list for disputes. As list owner, I will handle what is appropriate or not appropriate to post. So if you feel a post is out of line, please email me privately and allow me to handle it. If you are being harassed or threatened, please email me with copies of the correspondence.


CPParent contains publicly viewable archives, provided as a resource for information. In the world of the internet as it exists today, there is  quite a bit of doubt how "private" any message forum or archiving really is.  Bearing this in mind, you should not post information that is private and that you would otherwise not publish in a newspaper, such as personal address information, phone numbers or specifics regarding any court proceedings.

Virus Information, Spyware

There are thousands of computer viruses out there. Be sure you have all the latest patches for your operating system. Do not open any attachments to your email. Even if the attachment is from a friend, you should first check to make sure they sent you the attachment, and then I'd still debate the wisdom of opening the attachment. 

Spyware are programs that get installed with other programs that send information of what websites you are visiting (and in some cases what you have on your computer) to other companies over the internet.  A great FREE spyware removel program is at http://www.lavasoftusa.com/

If you need more information regarding viruses, places to obtain virus scanners, spyware, etc., please feel free to email me.

Posts to CPParent by new and non subscribers of CPParent are reviewed by the list owner before being approved for distribution to CPParent.  Subscribers will have their review mode changed after it is verified that their mailers are configured properly and their posts adhere to the policies set forth.

Subscribers who do not adhere to the policies above have their accounts changed to a REVIEW mode where the administrator will review posts submitted to CPParent and then approve or not approve them for distribution to the list. No notification of this change is made. If a submitted post is not within the policies as set above I will return the post with a rejection notice.

CPParent Administrator
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