CPParent: LISTSERV Command Reference

The following commands are the most frequently used commands for the listserv. To issue a command to the listserv, send your email to the Listserv Address, . Below is a table of the more common command modes and what you should put into the message body of the email address.  Under the command line that you would normally enter, I have added what I hope are clickable links that will automatically fill out the email address and message body so that all you should have to do is click the link and send the message.  The subscribe/signoff email addresses are new quick addresses that will automatically handle subscribing and signing off the list.

OR, Use the "Subscribers Corner" at http://listserv.syr.edu to use the Listserv Web based form to subscribe, unsubscribe or otherwise change your list Email options.

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Action to Perform

Write in the body of your mail window
NOTE:  The hotlinks may not fill in the body of the message  for all email clients.  Click the address link at the top and fill in the message body manually.


Simple subscribe here: https://listserv.syr.edu/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=cpparent&A=1

Classic subscribe here:



Set Digest Mode


Set Mail Mode (turn off Digest)


Turn off Mail for a while


Turn Mail back on


When all else fails, questions, comments?

Write me at the generic listowner address

Why am I not subscribed anymore??

The LISTSERV software or myself may have automatically unsubscribed if you had a full mailbox or other permanent looking error.  Simply subscribe again.


You can always locate the owner for any listserv by writing to the generic address by writing to listname-request@listserv_address

Digest Options:  

Netscape Composer & MS Outlook Express)
HTML Digests appears as a page of subjects that are clickable links.  When you click on the subject, then the message appears in your browser Window.  Works really nice for Netscape and MS Express.  I believe Eudora 4.x handles it well too.  (Does NOT work with Outlook 97, 98 and 2000, only the Internet Explorer Express mail program.  Does not work with the native AOL mail system either).  To try this, send the command SET CPPARENT HTML DIGEST

MIME (MS Outlook)

Each message comes as a separate attachment.  Has the advantage of being able to correctly direct replies with subject lines, but kind of a pain to open up each attachment to read it.  To try it, send the command:  SET CPPARENT MIME

To Reset default options, send the command:

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